Why I love midwives

This is somewhat of a sensitive subject to say the least…I will begin by saying I have had a hospital birth with obgyns and two birthing center births with midwives. I know most people would say well you had a bad experience with the hospital because you lost your son, but I have more than that for my reasons of never desiring to have another birth at a hospital if the Lord wills. Have you ever gone to your prenatal appointment ten minutes early only to wait for a half hour (or more) to see your doc? I have, and then the ever so important doctor would rush in ask a few questions, measure my belly, poke at me a little, and rush out of the room. Let me tell you, your pregnancy experience does NOT have to be that way. Well, you might say, I have already been with my obgyn for a while now, and they are nice. That is good they are supposed to be, but are they telling you what all that jargon and important doctor language actually means? Oh, and did I mention we were well into our second son’s pregnancy when I decided enough is enough; I called that birthing center when I was over the halfway mark of my pregnancy. I think the last straw was the fact that I was tired of being just another patient, and the fact that I was uncomfortable with MY doctor not calling my first son by a name or even acting like he lived. She kept calling it a “situation” that happened to us. Our first appointment with our wonderful midwives was the best experience we have ever had with somebody in the medical field. The birthing center was like a small day spa with homey rooms that included huge jetted tubs and comfy couches. The appointment lasted close to an hour, we talked about the baby, how I was doing, and they even asked Joel how he was doing with everything. The best part was when we had to go over the details of what had happened to Aiden our midwife called him our angel baby. After that initial consultation I had already decided in my head that was where I knew we needed to have our second baby. Once in the car Joel told me he was feeling the same way, and so that is where we continued to have our appointments.

The reasons I love midwives:

  1.  We were spending time at each appointment getting to know the people (we had three available ladies) on a personal level who would deliver our baby. We could sit and just chat about every ache or pain and if they were normal; or maybe just talk about how antsy I was getting to meet our little one. It was great!
  2. During labor I was able to get up, walk around outside, eat a snack, and get into the tub (which I did end up delivering in- just amazing).
  3. If anything were to go wrong for some strange reason the hospital was a block away, and actually I will include later what happened with Kolter’s birth and how capable my midwife was in taking care of him.

I could literally go on and on about this subject but I am starting to get tired. Goodnight!


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