This is the birth of our third boy and fourth pregnancy (I had an early miscarriage between Kolter and Maddox). While I was pregnant with Maddox it was all pretty uneventful, at this point I was comfortable with my midwives, and saw them on a regular basis as normal. I was much more tired of course having to chase down Kolter, but oh how I actually enjoyed the days of just hanging out with him at home waiting for his little brother to make an appearance. I got into a good first time mom routine with Kolter. That all changed once we went from one child to two in the house….

My birthing experience was however quite different with Maddox. I remember not being in any rush, but just feeling excited to meet him. I literally have BH contractions throughout my pregnancies starting around the halfway marker. That said we went to church like normal on Thursday night, I had been due that Monday. I felt pretty normal, maybe a little uncomfortable and had a few BH’s again, which was so normal for me I didn’t think much of it. We grabbed something to eat afterwards(I had a craving for chipotle), and went home. I was so pregnant I really didn’t eat much, and I told Joel this might be the night because I was still having a few contractions. They were pretty hit or miss though until around midnight. (Why must it always get intense at night haha) So we called my midwife, and she told me to come on in to the birth center. I distinctly remember on the way there we had some traffic because there was work being done on the roads, and I was pretty concerned since my contractions were getting slightly more intense. We did make it though, and once there she told me to get settled in, I was dilated to a seven. Then the craziest thing happened….my contractions and labor stalled….completely. I mean, really?! She asked us if we wanted to stay the night or go home after a while of literally nothing happening. I was unsure about going home because once I am in full blown labor it doesn’t take much for me to push the baby out. So we stayed, and we waited and waited…Finally the next morning we walked around outside and my contractions picked up a little but we had discussed breaking my water again. Joel and I decided we would go for it and have Tonya break the bag. Honestly, looking back on it, I should have probably went home and relaxed and let Maddy come. I was a little selfish though, and really wanted that particular midwife to be there. (Her shift was almost over.) Once she broke my water, I went into what I like to call insta-labor. I got my clothes off and into the tub I went; it’s my favorite for labor pains. I had about three terribly strong contractions, and felt an urge to push. Tonya looked at me like, already, then told me to go ahead and try. I think I started pushing his head out pretty quickly because she told me to slow down, but there was no stopping him. After his head was out his shoulders got stuck, I had no idea that was what had happened, I just remember hearing, “okay we need you out of the tub.”

*a little graphic here*………………………………….

I in a little bit of confusion, stood up with his head hanging out, got onto the floor on all fours, and pushed his shoulders out with a little bit of coaching of course. He kind of slid the rest of the way out and I managed to guide him down onto the blanket they laid on the floor. It really is something to think back on…..

Phew, with that long story coming to an end. We were both fine! I didn’t tear or have any problems. He was literally our champion baby. Nine pounds and three ounces, and lifting his head up as soon as we got settled into the bed. He just looked right at me with huge eyes, and then right at Joel. He just stared at his daddy for a good minute as to say, Oh, hi daddy. I was shocked a newborn baby could do that! In my mind his birth which was a little rushed in the end has made him a bit more high strung, but he is also very sweet and loving.


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