I am FED UP!

Have you heard about the documentary Fed Up? I just got done watching it with Joel. Lately I have not been so great about my sugar intake, and I have actually been craving it! The thing is, I know it is bad…and WOW! was that a great reminder about how bad sugar can be for our bodies. I suggest if you have any problems with sugar, or food cravings at all, to watch Fed UP. Seriously, I am urging you! This documentary points out just how messed up our food system has gotten. I mean did you know that there was actually an add featuring the Flintstones smoking cigarettes at one point? Well guess what?! That same cartoon family markets for your children’s cereal, vitamins (which are a joke by the way), and other various snacks. Have you ever considered the stimuli these big food companies use not only on adults but also on our children? Sometimes I can run into a store for one thing that I needed to complete a meal for my family and end up buying many other “snacks” that we don’t need and totally shouldn’t be eating. Now consider what a child sees when they enter that same store…their favorite cartoon characters all over these boxes of “food”. Their sweet little brains sending signals to the rest of their body that they NEED that! The poor kiddos cannot handle saying no to the sugar laden food covered with bright colors and cartoons. We as parents need to say NO! to foods that are harming our children. Please, (I beg of you!!!!) teach them how to enjoy real food. Give them a veggie, and if they reject it a few times don’t give up. Eventually you will be glad they didn’t get diabetes or heart disease at twelve years old. Okay, rant over…………for now!


2 thoughts on “I am FED UP!

  1. Uh oh! I just baked brownies… But I agree with you. It is up to parents to provide healthy choices for their children, set good examples, and teach them about simple nutrition by offering real food rather than processed junk. Sometimes it’s hard to do when schedules are busy, etc. and honestly- sometimes salt , sugar, and fat taste good. Temptation is hard to beat, once in a while, hence the brownies. Keep up the great work and positive effort!!! After all: you are what you eat. 🙂

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